Why would you want Registry to build your new custom home?

    • There really is safety in numbers. Since Registry Homes opened its doors in early 2001, no other custom builder in Preston Hollow or Park Cities has built more new custom homes for clients than we have (almost one-hundred thirty-five). Believe us, in our business word gets around quickly if you do a good job (It gets around even faster if you don't). Ask around about us. We know you'll like what you hear because we work very hard to please our clients.
    • We specialize in two completely different types of home designs: First, we build homes for families which address the individual needs of Mom, Dad and the kids (a story for later). Second, we are also the only local builder who specializes in designing and building empty nester homes which are truly on the cutting edge of innovation. Both types of homes feature unique design elements available only in Registry-built homes.
    • Registry operates on a fee-only basis. Other custom builders work, instead, on a "cost plus" relationship. The advantage of "fee only" is it allows complete transparency (trust) on the financial side of the building process (If a builder makes more if you spend more, how can you ever really trust the numbers?). By figuring our fee on A/C square footage of the new home, our clients then enjoy paying COST-ONLY for all materials and labor. What's more, Registry puts all major components and expenses out for competitive bids to ensure our clients pay the lowest possible costs.
    • Budgets matter at Registry. We bid out our projects. We prepare comprehensive budgets before our clients approve their plans. Then we monitor and manage dozens of expense categories within the budget throughout the project. At Registry, you know where the numbers will end up.
    • Building a new home shouldn't take a year, or more, to complete. No other builder in town is more efficient with time than Registry. We can show you dozens of examples.
    • Registry will build on your lot. This is our preferred method. However, if you need a build site we specialize in helping our clients find one they like. Either way, Registry does not profit from from building sites. Our only revenues come from builder fees during construction.
    • Unlike many builders, we love contemporary designs. Let's compare notes!
    • Bottom line, if you're considering the possibility of building a new home, we should meet. There are many, many more reasons Registry would be a good choice for your project. And we're sure you have questions. Send us an email either to (1) request our notebook of information about building with Registry, or (2) schedule a meeting with Registry's partners to discuss a potential project. Press HERE for an email window.