Most builders consider Realtors a necessary evil. At Registry we consider them valued business partners.

  • At Registry Brokers are always protected.
  • We pay a 3% Realtor commission on the sale of any completed Registry home.
  • We also pay a 3% Realtor commission (on the construction costs) for any custom home client/project you bring to Registry. Call us and we'll be happy to meet with you and your clients about building a new home. Often, Realtors tell us, building custom is the best solution if you doubt you can ever meet your client's needs with an existing home. When we pay Realtors on a custom project, they receive ALL their commissions BEFORE the new home is completed. And you can help us find them a building site (which also means substantial upfront commissions to you even before the project begins).
  • When you call Registry (214-802-6004) one of the two owners (Randall or Rick Case) always answers. The number is a cell phone which we'll answer at most any time of the day or night. If you need to preview one of our homes, or walk a client through, you'll gain immediate access. Really. Try it.
  • Ask us about becoming a Registry VIP REALTOR. Members of this elite group of leading professionals can take advantage of several effective sales tools available only to VIPs. Push HERE and send us a request for information.