Welcome VIP Realtors!

  • Think VIPs aren't important at Registry? Then just ask us for something. You'll discover that you can consider us your full-time, personal Concierge when it comes to selling Registry models homes or a custom home home project for your hardest to please clients. Simply call the Sign number (214-802-6004) and say hello. We'll know who you are. After all, you are a VIP around here. Push HERE if you wish to send us a flash VIP message or request.
  • As a reminder following are the special programs we make available to our VIP REALTORS:
  • PAY-YOU-FIRST COMMISSION ADVANCE PROGRAM. When you sell a Registry custom home project your commissions are paid in monthly installments so that by the end of the project you will have already received your commissions. All other builders wait until the project closing (if they pay commissions, at all, on custom projects).
  • BUILDING SITE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. When you are attempting to sell a property which could be a build site for a new custom project, contact us and we will issue you a certificate worth $30,000.00 if your client uses Registry to build their new home. This discount certificate effectively allows you to "lower" your asking price for the property without actually lowering your price. An excellent tool for closing the deal when the buyer and seller have both dug in their heels on asking and offering amounts.
  • Interested in learning how you can become a VIP Realtor? Push HERE and send us a request.